Each game has its own set of rules and we’ll do our best to choose easy-to-understand battles for family play.

Adult tournament games will have a set of rules specific to that game type.

Below is a list of basic rules and guidelines that cover every game we play. please review them and make sure any kids understand the rules.

League Rules

Players must wear eye protection. Every game.  Adults and kids. All the time. We have a few dozen pairs of safety goggles if you need to borrow a pair.

Cheating. This rule should go without saying, but it bears repeating: no cheating! Cheating ruins the fun and sport of the game for every player, so don’t cheat. You also run the risk of getting caught and won’t be invited back for another game.

Arguing. No arguing. Arguing about whether you were hit brings the game to stop and ruins the flow and fun for everyone. You came to take part in a NERF war, not join a debate club. If someone is lying about having hit you, they’ll get theirs in the end.

Important: Kids participating must be able to accept guidance, follow directions, be good sports and be team players with good attitudes. Please warn your kids: Players who don’t follow the rules will be asked to sit out, likely by another adult.

Participants can use Nerf/foam blasters only. No water guns or other weapon types. The game permits modified blasters, but none using CO2.

Do not throw or drop blasters. They break easily. 

Moderators reserve the right to remove or ban any player for misconduct, exploitation or repeated breaking of the rules. Moderators will decide what is and isn’t misconduct or rules exploitation.

Do not deliberately throw or shoot anything outside the boundaries.

Modders: Blasters may not shoot darts over 150 feet per second with your intended darts, blasters will be checked at the beginning of every event

Players must use factory made darts, and may not use any darts that have solid tips, have been modified in any way, or are homemade. Moderators reserve the right to deem a dart unsafe on the field.

Shields are allowed only if participant is playing with a melee weapon or sword. If you have a shield, you cannot have any blasters on you.

Modified or homemade blasters may be used, so long as they follow the above rules, such as the 150fps limit when firing with the darts you intend to use in games.

Unsafe play (Throwing blasters or equipment, jumping over obstacles, climbing, poking your blaster over an obstacle or around a corner where you cannot see, etc.) is not allowed.

If you experience problems with another player, witness cheating, or have any disagreements with another player, please let a moderator know PRIVATELY. Problems will be addressed in a discreet and orderly manner. We don’t want accusations flying and tempers flaring. We will try to address all concerns, but remember this is a game, and if we hear someone complaining about everything, we’ll be less likely to be able to differentiate legitimate concerns from whiny nitpicking.

No Blasters can look real. This includes excessive black or silver, even if you have an orange tip. Painted blasters will be assessed on a case by case basis.