Revenge of the Nerf

Date: February 23rd

Time: 9am – Noonish

Location: Mckinely Park [by the tennis courts] (601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95816)

Event Description: Join us for another battle back at McKinley Park! This event we are keeping it simple with some Capture the Flag and some Steal the Bacon. Respawn and gametype descriptions will be listed down below.

We will provide the darts (We have plenty of Elite sized darts and Rival balls but only a few Mega darts) Donate $5 to help support this and future events or bring your own darts and leave with what you came with.

Please bring and wear eye protection (sunglasses are ok). We will provide some extras but it is first come first serve and they go fast. If you don’t have eye protection you won’t be able to participate.

After this event we are going to be raffling off a few items like last time. Stick around and help us clean up to participate in the raffle. We appreciate your participation, your help and support, and your donations with helping keep these games awesome! A special thanks to Brandon and his family for donating the awesome 3d printed parts and blaster for last games raffle!

Multi flag Capture The Flag: Spawn Point

Objective: Capture all 3 of the enemy teams flags and bring them back to your teams goal to win.

Respawns: Each team will have a designated respawn location. If you are tagged you walk to your teams respawn and count to 10 before being able to re-enter the game.

Steal The Bacon: Take a Knee

Each team starts at a designated starting zone. when the game starts players from each team rush towards the middle and tries to “steal the bacon” (a flag or some object) and bring it back to their side or the opposing teams goal. When you are tagged you are out for the round. A team wins if they get the flag back to their spawn zone or if the opposing team is eliminated.

Objective: Get the ball into the opposing teams goal.

Respawns:Players who are tagged take a knee and count to 15 loudly and slowly before being able to stand and play again. Players are not active (able to be tagged) until they shoot their blaster, or take 3 steps once they respawn.