What are the ages of players?
We recommend all players be 7+ years old and we haven’t even thought about putting a cap on the age, but many of us are in our 30s and 40s.

Who plays?
Kids, adults, moms, dads, grandparents. Anyone want to play is welcome so long as they follow basic rules.

I’ve never played before. What do I do?
Show up with your blaster. We’ll give you a team and a colored bandana that must be worn above your shoulders (on your neck, head, etc.), we’ll explain the game type and the rules, then when you hear the airhorn, it’s game on! We recommend bringing a large bottle of water…it gets pretty tiring and toasty out there!

Is it safe?
Yes. We insist on keeping this a safe game and environment. Everyone playing–adults and kids alike–must wear eye protection. No exceptions. If you’re caught not wearing it, you sit out and your team must survive without you. We’ll have an assortment of goggles/glasses to wear if you need to borrow any.

What type of ammo do you use?
We use traditional “nerf darts”, Rival balls, shortened “Stefan” darts, Mega darts, and discs. No water guns, please.

How do you handle darts? Do we bring our own?
You have two choices. Either bring your own and leave with what you bring.  It’ll be impossible to get your exact ammo back, but do your best.
Option #2 is to donate $5, and use all of our ammo, as much as you’d like.

(we mostly have elite sized darts and rival balls. we have a few Mega darts but not many.)

Are modified blasters OK to use?
Yes! We mod our blasters, but we insist on keeping the FPS below 150. We’re playing with kids and don’t want any injuries.